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  • Greenwood Academies Trust celebrates success with top ranking in primary schools table

    Published 24/05/19

    Pupils and staff at Greenwood Academies Trust are celebrating after the Trust was ranked top in a table based on Ofsted performance.

    Greenwood Academies Trust supports 24 primary academies, all of which have been judged Good or Outstanding by Ofsted. Meeting the three-year requirement of being sponsored by the Trust, 18 of these academies have ranked top in a table of multi-academy trust primary academies - more than all Trusts which have 100% of their primary schools rated at least Good. The table was compiled by FFT Education Datalab.

    The results reflect Greenwood Academies Trust’s continued success and commitment to providing the very best education opportunities for pupils across the East Midlands.

    Greenwood Academies Trust has a strong record of improving the educational outcomes for some of the most economically deprived areas of the country, with many of the primary academies rated Inadequate before joining the Trust.

    Examples of strong Ofsted reports recently achieved by Greenwood primaries include Green Oaks Primary Academy, in Northampton, which has transformed from Inadequate to Good; Bishop Creighton Academy, in Peterborough, which has improved from Requires Improvement to Good; and Nethergate Academy, in Nottingham, which is now rated Outstanding.

    Emma Hadley, Education Director of Greenwood Academies Trust said:

    “We are absolutely thrilled that the hard work and excellence of our staff and pupils has been recognised in this way. To have all our primary academies judged as Good or Outstanding is a great achievement and I couldn’t be prouder of progress we have made as a team to best support our pupils and help them reach their full potential.”

    Wayne Norrie, Chief Executive Officer of Greenwood Academies Trust said:

    “I am delighted to see Greenwood Academies Trust recognised as a leader in primary education. As a Trust, we work incredibly hard to ensure we provide the best opportunities and we will continue to work tirelessly to support and improve the life changes of the pupils we serve.”

    The full report, by FFT Education Datalab, can be found here.

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  • Nottingham Academy proposed de-merger update

    Published 04/04/19
    The Regional Schools Commissioner (RSC) has approved the Trust’s proposal to de-merge the Nottingham Academy into two separate academies from September 2020. This means that after reviewing the consultation responses, the Trust Board have ag
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  • National Apprenticeship Week 2019

    Published 27/02/19

    Ever wondered what a day in the life of one of our apprentices looks like?

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  • Nottingham Academy de-merger

    Published 25/02/19

    Update following consultation

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  • National Obesity Awareness Week

    Published 15/01/19

    Statistics show that in England, 28% of children aged between 2 and 15 are estimated to be overweight or obese. Therefore it is crucial we pay attention to the levels of activity and quality of the foods we consume. Click on the attachment below for our tips on healthy eating 

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  • Nottingham Academy De-merger update: Consultation ends 21/12/18 5pm

    Published 21/12/18

    Thank you to everyone who has shared their views about the proposal to de-merge Nottingham Academy. The consultation ends at 5pm today so if you wish to provide your views please email

    We held two consultation meetings on 6 December and the views raised from the meetings and emails received will be collated and reported back to the Trust Board for them to review and form their decisions on whether to proceed with this proposed change. If the Trust Board decides to proceed with the proposal following this review, the decision will then be subject to final approval by the Secretary of State for Education.

    Updates will be posted on the Greenwood Academies Trust and Nottingham Academy websites.

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  • Greenwood Academies Trust go blue for Antibullying Week

    Published 14/12/18

    Greenwood Academies Trust partnered with Bullying UK in November to raise funds by wearing blue for Blue Day to stand against bullying.

    For more insight click here 

    To find out more about how you can play a role click here "

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  • An update on the proposal to de-merge Nottingham Academy

    Published 04/12/18

    Thank you all for sharing your views about the proposal to de-merge Nottingham Academy, as we are now at the half-way point of the consultation I thought I would take this opportunity to share with you a summary of the comments we have received to date:

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  • Industry and Education to work together to improve opportunities for students with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities ​​​​​​​

    Published 15/11/18

    Greenwood Academies Trust have partnered up with Talentino alongside other well-known employers such as Microsoft, The National Grid and The Co-Op Group to support a brand new initiative known as “Campaign 2”. “Campaign 2” aims to provide work experience opportunities for all young people including those with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND). The campaign aims to amplify the role that employers take in Special Schools as part of students’ early career development resulting in more jobs and training opportunities for school leavers.

    Jenny Connick, Founder of Talentino, said:

    “We know that across the country 65 per cent of adults with learning difficulties want to work, but only 6 per cent have a paid job, meaning there is a gap between the motivation of young people with SEND and what is actually available for them to build a successful career.

    “I am delighted that Campaign 2 has been launched today to not only raise awareness of the lack of work and training opportunities for students with SEND, but also attempt to provide a solution to bridge this gap. I would like to thank those employers who are already working with us on this campaign, including The Co-op, The National Grid and of course one of our major partners, Greenwood Academies Trust.”

    Wayne Norrie, CEO of Greenwood Academies Trust, said:

    “I am thrilled that Greenwood Academies Trust is part of Campaign 2. The message behind the campaign is one that is close to our hearts. As a Trust with a Special School in the vast majority of areas in which we operate, we know how important it is to provide opportunities for our students to reach their full potential. People are a country’s greatest resource, and young people with SEND have some amazing talent to offer. This campaign aims to make sure that companies can play a much-needed role in helping Special Schools to give these young people the best possible start in life, irrespective of their needs.

    “We’re excited to see how this develops and we pledge our support to Talentino throughout the entire journey.”

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  • Consultation launched on school plan to raise standards further for almost 4,000 pupils at the Nottingham Academy

    Published 12/11/18

    A proposal to separate the Nottingham Academy into two new but connected schools will further raise standards, provide for a more bespoke education and give parents more information about the quality of their child’s schooling.

    We have today launched a consultation that the Nottingham Academy, rated Good by Ofsted, should be re-formed on the same sites into two new academies, Colwick Park Academy and Mapperley Park Academy, from September 2019. Both would continue to be led by Greenwood Academies Trust.

    • Colwick Park Academy would be on the Greenwood Campus (including Sneinton Boulevard) of the Nottingham Academy, including the primary academy, and would retain the same year groups (three to 19), with the same pupil roll of 150 in each year group for primary, 300 in each year group for secondary and 260 for post-16.
    • Mapperley Park Academy would be on the Ransom Road Campus, again for the same year groups (age 11 to 16) and with the same capacity of 180 in each year group.

    Both academies will have their own Principal, allowing for strong and specific leadership of each academy, while a bespoke, personalised curriculum that best meets the needs of pupils will be developed and delivered for each of the academies. There will be greater local accountability, with parents and carers able to see exam results from each of the two academies, while Ofsted judgements will reflect their different strengths.

    Staff working at each of the existing campuses will still work on the same sites so there will be no disruption to them, and the teachers, teaching assistants and wider staff whom pupils know and trust will continue to work with them. Senior leaders at the two new academies will be able to deploy resources appropriately to meet their academy’s specific needs.

    There will be no disruption to the education of pupils, with all pupils remaining with their current schools.

    The consultation runs from 12 November 2018 – 21 December 2018.

    There are two consultation events for parents/carers and stakeholders taking place at Nottingham Academy on 6 December 2018. One will be held at the Greenwood Road site and one will be held at the Ransom Road site, both starting at 5.30pm.

    If you are unable to attend one of the consultation events and wish to submit your views, please email by 5pm on 21 December 2018.

    For further details and a copy of the draft admissions arrangements, click on the links below

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  • City of Peterborough Academy Introduces Mental Health Support

    Published 22/10/18

    City of Peterborough Academy becomes the first School/Academy in the country to give all 900 pupils and staff a form of mental health support.

    On #MentalHealthDay, City of Peterborough Academy was graced by YMCA, the founder of the Thrive app and the BBC who documented the launch of app. Thrive is designed to provide mental health support to pupils by allowing them to express their emotions, feelings and concerns all through the comfort of their smartphone/tablet. This process is then followed by a counsellor from YMCA who visits the pupils to personally go into detail about their health.

    City of Peterborough Academy has taken the initiative to provide pupils with after-school and well-being clubs. These clubs have had a huge impact on the pupils, so much so that that the pupils claim “…..these well-being clubs and art therapies allow us to be ‘us’”. As a Trust we understand the importance of ensuring our pupils are in environments that allow them to embrace themselves without the need to constantly feel worried that they are being judged for their uniqueness. We believe the only way a pupil will excel in their learning is if they are able to be themselves comfortably, thus diverting their undivided attention to their education.

    With the rise in technology, smart phones are now common gadgets amongst pupils. Along with the popularity of social media, young people are actively connecting with one another. However, for those pupils who do not wish to engage in social media as frequently, can understandably feel left out from group conversations and social media related discussions.

    Uniting and creating a community

    Statistics show that the majority of pupils and even adults are not comfortable expressing their mental health concerns which causes them to bottle up emotions. To combat this, the Thrive app can strengthen the bonds between pupils as an app of this nature resonates with all pupils. Pupils may wish to share the features and experiences they have with the app which can radically shift the perception and perspective on mental health making more pupils aware of the impact their words and actions have on fellow class mates.

    Courtesy of the desire to excel and the expectations from family and peers, pupils can find themselves mentally overwhelmed. Therefore, combining the use of mental health support along with an app that can be accessed through their mobile phones makes it readily available and accessible for young people at all times.

    The Principal at City of Peterborough Academy, Alex Emmerson, went on to say “these clubs combined with the Thrive app allows for early intervention to uncover any issues the pupils may be experiencing before they manifest”. 50% of mental health problems are established by the age of 14, which is why an initiative of this nature is so effective at primary and secondary schools.

    The after-school clubs allow pupils to unwind and explore their intuition through creative and expressive forms. As a result, these sessions not only alleviate tension and stress but also help pupils find their true passions and talents that may otherwise be hidden or masked by the external environment.

    For more information on the thrive app click  here

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  • OFSTED 2018 - 2019

    Published 19/10/18

    Skegby Junior Academy

    Following an Ofsted visit and inspection at Skegby Junior Academy on the 30th of January 2019, pupils and staff are delighted to see the academy be rated as Good.

    Ofsted has praised the leadership team for creating a “calm haven where everyone feels valued” and high expectations are set for what children can achieve, while the academy staff have been commended for their hard work, particularly their dedication to encouraging “pupils’ love and enjoyment of reading”, and the positive culture towards learning.

    Pupils’ enthusiasm for learning was also highlighted, with the report commending the Academy for providing interesting activities that “ignite their passion for learning” including the forest school and special curriculum days. Additional learning initiatives, like the ‘Big Read’, were also praised with the report stating that “as a result, pupils’ progress in reading has improved substantially”.

    Ofsted that parents were similarly supportive of the school, with one noting that: “They have turned the school around – the Head is fantastic!”

    Pauline Marples, Principal of Skegby Junior Academy, said:

    “I am delighted that the fantastic efforts of our wonderful pupils and staff have been recognised by Ofsted. Our Academy takes great pride in providing our pupils with an enriching and engaging learning experience. I am thrilled to see this reflected in the report.”

    Wayne Norrie, Chief Executive Officer of Greenwood Academies Trust, said:

    “As a Trust, we hold ourselves to high standards, and the team at Skegby Junior Academy, led by Pauline Marples, is a testament to what can be achieved through a shared dedication, and passion, for high-quality education.

    The team at Skegby Junior Academy have instilled in pupils an excitement for learning, and I am so pleased to see the hard work of the staff, pupils, parents, and the Trust rewarded in this Ofsted report.”

    For the full Ofsted report please click here.


    Sunnyside Primary Academy

    Sunnyside Primary Academy start the new academic year with a glowing Ofsted report that recognises the Academy as a "Good" school.  Being described as a “caring school, with a family feel that enables each pupil to be known and valued”.

    The Principal, Nicola Sayers, and her team at the primary academy received praise for their strong and effective approach to leadership of the academy, with Ofsted noting that they have a “relentless focus on improving the quality of teaching. She said: “I am so pleased that the efforts of every colleague at the academy have been recognised once again by Ofsted. Staff, parents and of course our wonderful pupils, along with our colleagues at Greenwood Academies Trust have all contributed to this excellent result. I would like to thank everyone who has played their part in this success. We look forward to continuing our journey of ongoing improvement.”

    Wayne Norrie, CEO of Greenwood Academies Trust, congratulated Mrs Sayers and her staff for this excellent report.

    For the full Ofsted report please click here.


    Woodvale Primary Academy 

    Woodvale Primary Academy, located in Northampton, has been praised by Ofsted for providing a highly creative and inspiring environment for its pupils in its latest inspection, which rated the school ‘Good’.  

    Following the academy’s first ever inspection in 2014, where it was commended for its “high expectations”, the academy has again received recognition from Ofsted for its dedication and hard work to create an environment which allows for every pupil to thrive.

    Principal David Ribbins, alongside his leadership team, were complimented for “developing strong links” with both the academy’s sponsor, Greenwood Academies Trust, and its wider community.

    Inspectors also praised the academy’s attention to pupil wellbeing and welfare. Pupils state that they “feel happy at school” and enjoy the external trips and inventive lessons planned by staff, such as the Year 6 classrooms being set up as air-raid shelters to match those used in the Second World War.

    The leadership team at Woodvale Primary Academy were also commended for their effective guidance, and for the support they provide to staff which allows them to make good progress in their careers, something both the academy and Greenwood Academies Trust pride themselves on.

    Wayne Norrie, CEO of Greenwood Academies Trust, said:

    We are thrilled for Mr Ribbins and his team at Woodvale Primary Academy. The Ofsted report clearly recognises the academy’s commitment to provide pupils with the best possible education in an environment that helps them to thrive.

    The Trust looks forward to seeing what’s next for the academy, and we will continue to support them in every way that we can as they press ahead with their journey to become an Outstanding academy.”

    For the full Ofsted report please click here.


    Skegness Infant Academy 

    Skegness Infant Academy received an Ofsted rating that continues to maintain its status as a Good Academy. The Principal, Rona Pryme and her leadership team were appraised for providing a “good quality of education in the school”. Skegness Infant Academy’s governing body and sponsor, Greenwood Academies Trust, were recognised for playing a role in the outcome of this inspection courtesy of the robust safeguarding audits and continuous support for the Academy.

    Inspectors noted that pupils “work hard and concentrate in lesson” and this standard of behaviour is set as soon as pupils enter Nursery at the Academy, where they “are expected to behave well and do their best.”

    Mrs Pryme, Principal of Skegness Infant Academy, said:

    “I am thrilled with the latest Ofsted result. We have worked incredibly hard to maintain our Good rating and the efforts of every team member at the Academy has been recognised.

    I would like to thank every pupil, parent and team member at the Academy who has contributed to this success.”

    Wayne Norrie, CEO of Greenwood Academies Trust, said:

    “I am elated for Mrs Pryme and her team at Skegness Infant Academy. This is a fantastic result with telling comments from Ofsted which clearly demonstrate Mrs Pryme’s strong leadership and dedicated team.

    “The academy is well on its way to further improve and the Trust will be here to support them every step of the journey.”

    For the full Ofsted report please click here.


    Green Oaks Primary Academy 

    Green Oaks Primary Academy, located in Northampton, has been rated good following its recent Ofsted inspection.

    Principal Wendy Gordon and her team were noted by Ofsted as “transforming” the academy, where inspectors praised the team’s efforts in raising the quality of teaching, staff morale and the standard of pupils’ behaviour. Inspectors also stated that the school’s vision ‘Together, we aim to be the very best we can be’ is “echoed through all aspects of its work.”

    Parents and staff have been reported to be “unanimous in their view” that the academy has rapidly improved and the leadership team have “overwhelming support” from the local community.

    The Academy’s sponsor, Greenwood Academies Trust, was also commended for its role in supporting Principal Gordon and the wider academy team. Ofsted noted that the Trust has been a “catalyst” for this improvement alongside Principal Gordon who joined the academy in January 2017.

    Ofsted also praised the academy for its approach to pupils’ personal development, an aim which mirrors that of its sponsor; Greenwood Academies Trust. Pupils were noted to have a good understanding of the importance of equality, the dangers of stereotyping and demonstrated high levels of empathy.

    Wayne Norrie, CEO of Greenwood Academies Trust, said:

    “I am incredibly proud of the team at Green Oaks Primary Academy. Their hard work and dedication is clearly reflected throughout this entire report. Ofsted highlighted many positive things, but I am particularly proud of the academy’s encouragement of character development, something that pupils will carry and continue to build on.

    “Mrs Gordon and her team have strived to achieve great things, in which they have done so, but I believe they have much more they wish to achieve. We look forward to the next exciting part of their journey, and we as a Trust, we will be there to support them.”

    For the full Ofsted report please click here.

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