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Greenwood Academies Trust are delighted with the recent Ofsted outcomes

Following back to back Ofsted inspections, all with very successful outcomes,  The Trust are extremely proud of all our staff and pupils and delighted that Ofsted have noticed the strengths within our academies. 

Nethergate Academy - OUTSTANDING 

Ofsted awarded Nethergate Academy with a glowing report – rating it as an Outstanding Academy, praising the Principal, TraceyYdlibi, for her strong vision and determination for continuous improvement of the Academy. The report highlighted that theAcademy worked well with its sponsor, Greenwood Academies Trust, since joining last year and their decision to join the Trust has further strengthened and secured school improvement.

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Mansfield Primary Academy - GOOD

Ofsted inspectors have given the stamp of approval to Mansfield Primary Academy, rating it Good and in particular highlighting the “significant” progress pupils are making in English and mathematics, and the high quality of teaching. The Ofsted report said the Academy was well-placed to improve even further, praising the strong leadership across the Academy. The quality of teaching, use of assessment, and English and maths were all picked out as areas where there had been strong improvement. Inspectors said that the Principal, Mrs Atkinson, has, with the support of other senior leaders, “motivated, guided and challenged staff to improve the quality of teaching and the use of assessment.” Greenwood Academies Trust was also commended for its “detailed knowledge of the Academy”, and how it “challenges and supports the Academy effectively”.

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Mablethorpe Primary Academy - GOOD 

Mablethorpe Primary Academy are celebrating their recent ‘good’ rating by Ofsted.

The report commended both Mablethorpe Primary Academy and its sponsor, Greenwood Academies Trust, for their determination to improve the quality of the Academy’s provision so that the pupils are securely ready for their next steps. Inspectors said that it was ‘very clear that pupils enjoy learning and want to do well’. Catherine Teale, Principal, was delighted with the overall result.

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Bishop Creighton Academy - GOOD

Bishop Creighton Academy is celebrating after receiving a glowing Ofsted report which has seen them go from rated as “Requires Improvement” to “Good” in all areas. This has come after three years of rapid improvement which began after the school’s conversion to an Academy and became part of Greenwood Academies Trust in 2015.

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Ingoldmells Academy - GOOD

Glowing Ofsted report confirms strength of Ingoldmells Academy. Inspectors noted how “Trust leaders have a clear understanding of the Academy’s priorities” and therefore provide “Academy leaders with significant support”. Furthermore, the enthusiasm of teachers to “improve their professional practice through training provided by the Trust” was also highlighted. The high-quality education is also reflected through feedback from parents, collected via Ofsted’s Parent View portal, which stated that “the Academy has wonderful teachers who nurture children’s needs based on their requirements”. Priding itself on providing a well-rounded education to its pupils, the Academy and the Trust were pleased to see that Ofsted also recognised how they offer “memorable experiences beyond the classroom” such as the wide range of extra-curricular opportunities.

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Skegness Junior Academy - GOOD 

Skegness Junior Academy received a glowing Ofsted report today, with inspectors praising the work of the Academy, its Principal, Darren Price, and its sponsor, Greenwood Academies Trust. The report confirms the Academy’s Ofsted rating remains Good. The report highlighted the “good quality of education” and “innovative approach” of the Academy, with inspectors noting the school’s“effective systems” and the dedication and vision of its leadership. The support and guidance of Greenwood Academies Trust was cited as “instrumental”, particularly in the areas of staff development to support the continued success of the Academy. The report also stated that pupils with special educational needs or disabilities receive the specialist support they require.

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Danesholme Junior Academy

Danesholme Junior Academy are delighted with the outcome of their recent Ofsted inspection. After two days of rigorous inspection, which included lots of time spent in lessons, meetings with school leaders and consultation with pupils, parents and staff - inspectors concluded that Danesholme Junior Academy is a GOOD school.  Judgments of the academy were good across all areas.

The report states:  The principal has an accurate and detailed understanding of the strengths and areas for development in the school. She uses this knowledge to plan future improvements methodically. The quality of teaching is good overall. Teachers use their strong subject knowledge and plan lessons that build systematically on pupils’ previous learning.

The school provides a wide range of opportunities for pupils to learn about being responsible and aspirational citizens. The school is sponsored by Greenwood Academies Trust (‘the trust’), which has provided effective governance, challenge and support to improve the quality of leadership and teaching since the school joined the trust.

Click here for the latest OFSTED report 


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