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  • Teen Mental Health – A Guide for Parents

    Published 26/11/21

    "Your child’s teenage years are an exciting time, but they can be tricky too. With hormones going wild and bigger pressures at school, challenging mood swings are par for the course. With mental ill-health on the rise though, you’ll want to keep watch on whether their moods are normal, or if they need a bit of help.

    Today one in five teens has a diagnosable mental health condition. And on average, people wait 8-10 years after first experiencing mental health problems before seeking help. Of course, if problems are noticed and tackled when they first come up, you can help your child with the tools they need to be happy sooner rather than later. If you think that your teen needs some professional help, find out if they can see a school counsellor, or if it’s more serious, their GP can help you work out a plan of action together.

    There are lots of common issues that you can help your teen with if you have the right tips. Keep reading for a break-down of some key pain-points, and what you can to do help as a parent."

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  • Waterside Primary Academy – Provisional Opening Date agreed with DfE

    Published 06/09/21

    The Provisional Opening date of September 2023 has now been agreed with the DfE and the site has also been purchased in the Trent Basin area of Nottingham.

    A website for the new Academy is being developed to share updates and progress which is due to be launched in January 2022.

    For further information please keep reviewing the news section on the website or contact

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  • Kingswood Primary Academy – change of age range (nursery closure)

    Published 19/08/21

    Following the significant change proposal submitted to DfE to change the age range and remove the nursery from September 2021, the Dfe have now confirmed this is approved. Therefore, the age range from 1.9.2021 will be 4-11.

    All current nursery pupils have been offered a place at Hazel Leys Academy.

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  • Free School Meals - Studfall Junior Academy on BBC News

    Published 18/06/21

    The Studfall Junior Academy on BBC News 17.06.2021 talking about Pupil Premium & Free School Meals.

    Please find the BBC Radio 4 version of the news segment below.

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  • Consultation to change the time of the school day at Danesholme Junior Academy

    Published 15/06/21

    Following the consultation and a review of the responses, the Trust has agreed for Danesholme Junior Academy to change the time of the school day. All stakeholders will be informed. For further information, please find a copy of the consultation report below.

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  • A Beach Clean A Day For The Month Of May - Mablethorpe Primary Academy

    Published 20/05/21

    Click below to listen to Mablethorpe Primary Academy's Lydia and her mom Angela on BBC Radio Lincolnshire, highlighting her beach clean fundraiser for a new trim trail.

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  • Skegness Academy on Sky News: Headteachers call for school funding to match rise in child poverty

    Published 17/05/21

    13th of May 2021, Skegness academy on the Sky News.

    “Schools are asking for extra help as research suggests a sharp rise in young families falling into poverty due to the pandemic.”



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  • Update on the proposal to change the age range at the Kingswood Primary Academy​​​​​​​

    Published 14/05/21

    Following a consultation regarding a change to the age range at the Kingswood Primary Academy, the Trust will submit a significant change fast track proposal to the Department for Education (DfE), which will require approval by the Secretary of State for Education.

    For further information, please see the letter and report below.

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  • BBC Radio Lincs: Prom at the Skegness Academy

    Published 10/05/21

    Please, click on the audio files below for clips from a BBC Radio Lincs interview about prom, with Sammie Burgin (Childcare Teacher), Lauren Tyler (Careers Leader) and Abbie (Head Girl) from the Skegness Academy.

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  • Proposal to change the timings of the school day at Danesholme Junior Academy

    Published 04/05/21

    Danesholme Junior Academy is consulting on a proposal to change the end of the school day from a 3:30pm finish to a 3:15pm finish, from 1st September 2021. It is proposed to start the school day at 8:50am, rather than 9:00am.

    For further details on the consultation, please see the letter below.

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  • Proposal to change the age range at Kingswood Primary Academy

    Published 12/04/21

    Kingswood Primary Academy, sponsored by Greenwood Academies Trust, in Northampton is consulting on a proposal to change the age range of The Kingswood Primary Academy from 3-11 years to 4-11 years, which will mean removing the provision of Nursery at the Academy as of 1 September 2021.

    For further details on the consultation and how to respond, please see the letter below.

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  • Food programme 8 week update

    Published 12/04/21


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