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Schools Week Roundtable with Jamie Kilner

Roundtable | The roaring twenties – a vocational revolution for schools?

Watch our very own Jamie Kilner (GAT Senior Advisor – Vocational Curriculum / Director of Sport) take part in Schools Week's Roundtable on the 25th of February 2021.

The discussion was led by Laura McInerney and brought to life the following topics:

  • What role should schools play in ‘employability’ and how can schools ensure students have the skills they need for the jobs of the future?
  • Are schools making the most of vocational options?
  • What are the local challenges in developing employability skills and encounters?
  • How can employability be championed by school leaders and embedded across the curriculum?
  • What more can be done in a post-pandemic environment?
  • What are the skills employers acknowledge as being the most vital?
  • How are they developed and demonstrated?




  • Wes Streeting MP, Shadow Schools Minister
  • Cindy Rampersaud, Senior Vice-President for BTEC and Apprenticeships
  • Pearson Oli de Botton, CEO, Careers and Enterprise Company
  • Judith Fremont-Barnes, Headteacher, Milton Abbey School
  • Jamie Kilner, Senior Advisor – Vocational Curriculum, Greenwood Academies Trust
  • Ian Parry, Headteacher, Meols Cop High School
  • Audrey Clegg, Group Talent Director, Coca-Cola HBC

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