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Stand for Equality 

What better way to celebrate LGBT Month 2018 than to join The Stonewall Diversity Champions programme.

The trust has taken the liberty to shed light on the historic month to celebrate wider equality in the workplace.

What does this mean for the Trust?

“Your Character Counts” are words that are synonymous with the Greenwood Academies Trust. A value that has been formed into an active strategy that runs not only through the students but staff members and even affiliations. Therefore we stand with pride to promote equality in the workplace to ensure people can be themselves in order to perform to their potential, a true embodiment of having “character”.

Over the coming twelve months we will be working intensely with Stonewall to enhance the duties and obligations towards equalities and diversity. Each policy and practice that is currently being adopted will be reviewed and analysed under scrutiny. The trust will ensure a more focused approach is taken towards the progression and wellbeing of employees who declare as LGBTQ.

With this program we aim to achieve a far more comprehensive network, unlocking the potential of all employees. Not only retaining current employees, but also attracting new talent.

“The Stonewall Diversity Champions programme is an excellent framework for creating a workplace that enables LGBT staff to reach their full potential” – Professor Anthony Smith, Vice-Provost Education and Student Affairs, University College London

“We are very excited to be working in partnership with Stonewall to celebrate diversity across our family of academies” - Wayne Norrie, CEO

For more information on the Stonewall Diversity Champions Programme visit their website at Stonewall Org

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