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Extended Opportunities

In the period from 1 July 2017 to 30 June 2018, the Trust completed 3,690 external events and activities that have helped to extend the curriculum and to develop our pupils into confident and ambitious young people.  These activities form an integral part of our overall ‘Enrichment’ programme.  The number of residential, overseas and adventurous visits, in particular, has shown a marked increase from 192 visits to 258 visits over the last year and underscores our strong commitment to broaden the horizons of our pupils.

Personal development is very high on the agenda at all of our academies and pupils have the opportunity to take part in a progressive range of activities that will build their leadership and communications skills, confidence, motivation and self-esteem. As a Trust, we also believe passionately in the benefits to our young people of learning in challenging outdoor environments and we have very close links with the Outward Bound Trust centres in Wales and the Lake District. The benefits to the pupils in terms of leadership, social and community development, building character and improving their employability skills, are profound and long lasting.

We are very proud of our extensive links with local and national businesses.  Indeed, our partnerships with Capital OneExperian, DHL (UK), intu Properties, Ikano Bank and Browne Jacobson have all flourished over the last year and provide our pupils with excellent enrichment and development opportunities through mentoring support, sponsorship, work experience, apprenticeship schemes, financial management training and life skills.

Our secondary academies also offer pupils the chance to complete the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme. Similar positive links have also been developed with the emergency services, road safety partnerships, local youth organisations and the Armed Forces.  All our extended opportunities provide invaluable training and encouragement to enable our pupils to reach their full potential in the classroom and to lead fulfilling and successful lives in the future.

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