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We are GAT.

We believe in providing the very best for Every Child, in Every Academy, Every Day.


Our vision is to make sure that every child thrives in a GAT academy.

Our mission is to secure successful pupil and organisational outcomes so that all children leave a GAT academy equipped with the capability and potential to lead a happy and successful life.

We achieve this by being a strong and inclusive trust, guided by principled governance and effective leadership.


Our priorities

Improve outcomes for all children: Providing a high quality, broad and balanced curriculum, including enrichment experiences, for all children in a safe and caring environment.

Become a leading MAT for learning: Ensuring an effective professional learning offer for all colleagues which is aligned to our improvement priorities.

Deliver the GAT people strategy: Supporting colleagues across our Trust to recruit and retain the best people.

Develop and implement a GAT digital strategy: Providing colleagues and children with a world class digital environment and developing their skills to enable them to be successful in a digital world.

Ensure all Trust facilities maximise learning: Delivering the GAT estates strategy with a clear focus on sustainability.

Redefine and improve our business services: Ensuring high quality services enable colleagues in academies to focus on improving outcomes for all children.

Ensure effective governance at all levels: Delivering strong and effective governance at all levels which is ambitious for and accountable to the children and families we serve.

How we work

Children and their communities at the heart of what we do: We ensure we meet the diverse needs of the communities we serve.

Hold everybody to account: We have strong levels of appropriate professional and respectful challenge at all levels of our organisation.

Advocate a place-based curriculum: We believe each academy should have a high-quality curriculum which is bespoke to the children it serves.

Organisational change: We recruit talented people and encourage them to challenge and contribute to the way we think and operate.

Strong leadership at all levels: Our leaders are supported and entrusted with a professional accountability to deliver successful outcomes.

Prioritise personalisation: We ensure our children follow meaningful pathways to success. We teach children, not schemes.

Accept it can take time: We have effective strategies that deliver strong and sustainable improvement. We always stay true to our principles.

No excuses, but no blame either: We have high expectations of each other. We respectfully challenge colleagues, support them, celebrate their achievements and, crucially, let them get on with their jobs.

Invest in people: We support and develop our colleagues so they can improve and enjoy their roles.

Collaborate and contribute: We are an open and outward facing organisation. We learn from the strengths of others, we share our expertise and we seek to influence the wider education world.

How we lead

GAT leaders support, challenge and enable our colleagues to ensure we provide the very best for Every Child, in Every Academy, Every Day.

Our leadership principles are based on the Servant Leadership model of Focht and Ponton (2018):

Valuing People: GAT leaders value people for who they are, not just for what they give to the organisation.

Humility: GAT leaders do not promote themselves; they put other people first. Our leaders know that leadership is not all about them but that things are accomplished through others.

Listening: GAT leaders listen receptively and non-judgmentally. They are willing to listen because they truly want to learn from other people. Our leaders seek to understand first, then to be understood.

Trust: GAT leaders trust their colleagues. They are trusted because they are authentic and dependable.

Caring: GAT leaders have people and purpose in their hearts. They display a kindness and concern for others. Our leaders are here to serve, not to be served. GAT leaders care about the people they lead.


You can download a PDF version of our vision and priorities below.