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City of Peterborough Academy pupil had his eye on the ball while waiting for an eye test at local opticians.

Marius Lungu, a Year 10 pupil at City of Peterborough Academy took part in the ‘Spot the Cricket Ball’ competition while waiting for an appointment at Scrivens Opticians in Queensgate Shopping Centre.

“I just happened to be waiting for an eye test and thought it would be fun to enter,” the teenager explained, “but I didn’t think I’d walk away with the prize.”

The sports-mad 14-year-old is bowled over that his sharp eyes have benefited the school’s sports department.

“I really enjoy sport at school,” he said, “so it’s great to know that I have helped buy more equipment.”

The competition was run by Scrivens Opticians – which sponsors county level cricket – throughout all of its UK branches as part of a campaign to highlight the importance of regular eye checks for children.

The company’s regional manager Dan Abraham explained: “We always have a great response to the competition, but there is a more serious message about the importance of regular eye checks for young people, because having correct vision is key to a child’s learning.”

He added, “sport is also incredibly important for a child’s physical and mental wellbeing.”

Dan also highlighted how the lasting popularity of Spot the Ball has helped numerous other schools in and around Peterborough.

“We’re delighted that over the years we have donated £2,000 to local schools through our Spot The Cricket Ball competition.”

The £250 prize money has already been earmarked for new softball equipment for the City of Peterborough Academy. As well as being highly popular with pupils, softball is Marius’ favourite sport.

The school’s thrilled assistant principal, Steve Wilkinson, said it was “a lovely surprise” to learn of Marius’ competition win.

“As a school we see sport as central to our pupils’ physical development,” he noted, “as well as giving them an opportunity to develop discipline and team skills.”

“We are grateful to Scrivens for their kind donation, which will help us build on the breadth of sports we offer our children.”