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Primary PE and Sport Premium

As part of our commitment to the development of primary PE/sport, the Greenwood Academies Trust has created a strategic plan to enhance provision and generate longevity through individual bespoke training opportunities.

To facilitate this plan, a proportion of the PE and Sport Premium Funding (£1,400 per Academy) will be utilised. The remaining funding will be used by Principals to further enrich their PE and sport provision, taking into consideration individual sports partnerships, tailored areas for curriculum development and localised specialist providers and facilities.

The Director of Sport is available to advise and support all primary Principals with all aspects of PE and Sport (including PE and Sport Premium Funding).

Below is the package of support that all primary Academies receive within the Trust. This includes potential development areas and the pedagogy supporting the initiatives.

Primary Academy Sport Premium Offer


3 days of central training for all PE Coordinators


  • Key areas for development are identified from within the group.
  • PE coordinators will access the training; enhance their own knowledge and understanding, cascade information back to colleagues at individual academies and work with the DoS to create opportunities for pupils.
  • New skills can be embedded in the PE curriculum, ensuring a holistic approach towards the delivery of PE in all year groups. 
  • Ensure Sport Premium Funding is having the desired impact with Ofsted criteria being met, alongside quality assurance of website information.
  • A networking opportunity for primary colleges to discuss how the provision is working, share areas of best practice and alleviate any concerns.

Active Playground Training

  • An active playground at both break and lunch-time will enable your children to become more fully engaged in healthy fun and physical activity, helping them to achieve their 30 minutes a day of in-school vigorous physical activity.
  • As an academy, it will also support you to reduce the number of accidents and incidents at these busy times of the academy day.
  • This practical training for Primary PE Co-ordinators will provide them with the training, skills, knowledge, understanding and resources to enable them to deliver Active Playground training back in their academy.

Access to Sport Plan

  • 12,000 creative ideas across 14 sports. Each drill has an animated diagram, full explanation and progressions.
  • 500 tried and tested ready to go lesson plans.
  • A GDFT Central Sport Partnership Sports Hub where we can share our plans and best practice.
  • Videos of different techniques and examples of best practice.
  • Compatible for use on computers, tablets and smartphones so can be used on the move!

Subscription to 5 A DAY

  • 5-a-day TV is the ultimate fun fitness resource for primary schools. It provides online access to fully demonstrated five-minute exercise routines and language learning resources designed specifically for projection onto classroom whiteboards.
  • Has a partnership virtual competition area where your school will be able to compete against other schools in the partnership without leaving the school site.
  • Regularly updates routines and also can request themed routines if you have school projects running.


Playmaker Award / Energy  Club


  • External CPD provided by Sports Leaders UK which enables staff to deliver both the Playmaker Award and Energy Club.
  • Pupils have the opportunity to gain accreditation as a young sports leader, supporting their peers, younger pupils and teaching staff in the delivery of competitions, events and extra-curricular activities.
  • Encourages pupils to make healthy food choices alongside the promotion of leading active lifestyles.
  • Energy Club provides another extra-curricular option for pupils to experience.

‘Move off and Think training’

  • “Move off and Think” is a new, exciting, simple approach to planning and delivering high quality PE lessons which engages all children in sustained, vigorous physical activity.
  • Supports Senior Leaders in evidencing the impact of Sport Premium Funding.
  • Training and resources provided and designed for delivery from EYFS to KS2.

Regional Dance Festivals

  • Specifically targets Year 2 and 3 pupils.
  • Delivered by specialist Dance and Performing Arts staff.
  • Acts as a CPD opportunity as staff attending will learn how to teach the sessions and can then disseminate the information back to their academies.
  • Enables pupils to perform at an established and appropriate venue.

Inter Academy Primary Indoor Athletics event

  • The opportunity for pupils to compete in the equivalent to a national competition with over 500 participants.
  • Pupils enhance their understanding and life experiences by competing and socialising with children from a variety of diverse cultural backgrounds.
  • Academies throughout the Trust join together to recognise and celebrate the significance of sport.

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